About Kyustendil

KYUSTENDIL millennial traditions with unique EMOTIONS
Kyustendil today is known as the town of artists, the town under the hill “Hisarlaka” orchard of Bulgaria, “Green City” or “place touched by the gods.” This is a divine place where you can enjoy the perfect combination of fresh air, green natural magic and unique medicinal qualities of mineral water.
Kyustendil municipality is located in the southwestern part of Bulgaria, in the southern part of the fertile valley of Kyustendil. Kyustendil is located 86 kilometers southwest of Sofia and 90 minute drive to Sofia Airport. Located 117 kilometers northwest of the Hellenic Republic, 23 km west from Macedonia and 30 km from the border with Serbia. From the north valley is surrounded by mountain ranges of Kraishte region, south of the steep slopes of Osogovo, the west is Mount Lisets and northeast Konyavo Mountain. Kyustendil within the area of ​​transitional continental climate with Mediterranean influence (mainly along the Struma River).
Due to its geographical location, favorable climate, natural resources, the specific cultural and historical heritage and the development of European transport corridors E-4 and E-8 policy of Kyustendil Municipality in recent years is entirely focused on the development and improvement of all kinds of tourist destinations and services. Kyustendil offers great opportunities for tourism development.